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Student Discount Program

Introducing our new Student Discount Program! Sign up with a valid student ID to receive 15% off on future orders. Simply fill out the form with your first and last name, birthday, school name, and email then upload a picture of your school ID. Once verified, all qualified students will receive a confirmation email for 15% off for future orders. All students with valid student ID cards are eligible for this program. However, the discount benefit you receive is only valid for one calendar year but can be renewed once a year as long as you are still a student with a valid ID. After a calendar year, simply upload a picture of your student ID again along with the necessary information and you will be renewed into the student discount program for 15% off. If you do not renew, you will no longer be in the student discount program and the discount code will no longer work. We are sorry to inform you that this program’s discount code cannot be combined with any other promotion codes or coupons.